Execution Policy

    Last update: August 29, 2023

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    GCC Brokers Limited is dedicated to maintaining transparency and fairness in its execution services for clients. To ensure a clear understanding of our execution process, we have formulated an Order Execution Policy. This policy outlines the principles and procedures that govern the execution of client trades and orders.

    Before utilizing our services, we encourage all clients to carefully review this policy in conjunction with the Client Agreement. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how GCC Brokers Limited handles the execution of trades on your behalf. If you have any inquiries or require clarification, our dedicated Client Services Team is available to assist you.

    GCC Brokers Limited offers an array of Contracts for Differences (CFDs) and Spot FX products, covering diverse financial markets and instruments. Our market quotes are directly derived from reliable underlying financial instruments sourced from reputable exchanges or wholesale quoting counterparties. These quotes are presented to clients through our trading platforms, ensuring competitive spreads or suitable mark-ups for seamless trading opportunities.

    We are deeply committed to securing the best possible outcomes for our clients during the execution of their instructions. As a responsible financial service provider, GCC Brokers Limited takes all necessary steps to uphold the highest standards of execution quality, transparency, and integrity. This policy serves as a cornerstone of our efforts to instill confidence in our clients, fostering a strong and trustworthy relationship between GCC Brokers Limited and our esteemed clients.

    Trade Execution Policy

    If you provide us with specific instructions on how to execute your trade or order, GCC Brokers Limited will follow your instructions accordingly. However, such instructions remove our obligation to obtain the best possible execution result. When executing trades on your behalf, we will take all reasonable steps to achieve the best outcome, adhering to our Order Execution Policy and any specific instructions from you.

    We take into account several key factors to ensure the best possible execution result for you:

    1. Price: Trades executed via our trading platform will be carried out at the price you requested, and telephone trades will be executed at the agreed-upon price, barring any 'price errors.' For trades using "Instant Execution" mode on our platform, the order is filled at the best available price in the 'underlying market' at that time.

    2. Transaction Speed: We strive to execute trades promptly, provided you have sufficient margin available and the trade size adheres to permissible limits. In certain situations, factors like internet communication speed, market volatility, or quoted price manipulation may lead to trade rejection if the price received is not representative of the 'underlying market.'

    3. Trade Size: All trade executions are subject to size considerations. If the requested trade size exceeds our capacity to trade in the 'underlying market' at that time, the entire trade or order may be rejected. However, we may offer greater liquidity at our discretion. We do not make partial fills, except by agreement in the case of telephone trades. Each market quoted by GCC Brokers Limited has an absolute minimum and maximum permitted trade size, at our discretion and subject to market conditions.

    4. General: Orders triggered by market price action will typically be filled at or very close to the specified price. If the market opens sharply differently from the previous day's closing price, orders activated within that range will be filled at the first reasonable price obtainable in reference to the 'underlying market.'

    5. Gapping and Slippage: All orders (Stop Loss, Limit, or New Order) are subject to slippage in the open market. Market gaps caused by significant information releases may trigger orders at different prices than requested. GCC Brokers Limited ensures fair execution by passing on the best price from our liquidity providers to clients. Any price improvement received will also be passed on to the client.

    6. Market Hours: Orders are filled within specified quoting hours, except for 'out of hours' markets. Please be aware that markets may continue to trade outside our quoting hours, leading to potential gapping between trading sessions. All orders in these markets are subject to this gap in prices. Orders activated in 'out of hours markets' are treated as if the underlying instrument was trading at the level required to activate the order.

    Working Orders

    Both Limit and Stop orders may be canceled by you at any time. However, once an order has been activated, you will not be able to cancel the entire transaction. You are obligated to accept any part of a worked order that is filled prior to cancellation.

    Connection Failure

    In rare instances where you experience difficulties connecting to our servers and need to place, modify, erase, or close trades, or require any action on or information regarding your online Trading Account, please contact our trading desk immediately using the provided contact details. We are here to assist you promptly with any technical issues you may encounter.

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